Monday, March 7, 2011

OMG It's Early...

I'm sitting here right now at what I consider the butt-crack of dawn, and I'm totally not used to having to be up this early.

Today I have to go to the Venetian for a photo shoot. I'm not really sure if it's for advertisements or what..though the egomaniac in me is hoping for advertisements. I am on a few of the billboards at the moment, but it's one of those pictures that unless you know it's me, and unless you turn your head and squint a little, you wouldn't recognize me. We shall see... At the moment, bed is sounding a little better than fame.

In other news:

My dad came to the one woman show last night. I was positive that he was going to hate it as he doesn't usually like the things that I'm in. He also doesn't know how to watch things as a dad (he's a director and theater critic by trade), and so is overly critical.

He actually really enjoyed it, and actually told me that I was good! Even the few times he has thought I was good, he's never said it to my face...I usually have to find out from my sister.

He's in town one more day, so after the photo shoot, sleep will be out of the question as I'm sure there's some sightseeing that he wants to do.


  1. Ah, sleep later. It'll be fun.

  2. I'm an early riser, so being up before the butt crack of dawn is normal for me.

    Parental praise is a great thing isn't it? Especially when you don't hear it much. I hope you hear a lot more praise from you critic dad :)


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