Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy days ahead

Today is an early day (well, early for me). I have a costume fitting for a gig tomorrow for an opening of someplace. I still have to find out where it is and how to get there. Then I have rehearsals for the one woman show.

The one woman show is getting completely revamped. Though in the long run it will be a good thing as it is to make it better, but in the short run it's going to be hard as I will be learning the new show while performing the old show and the whole time trying not to get both of them confused.

If the new show were completely different, it wouldn't be nearly as hard (although there would be a lot more memorizing). With the shows being similar and having a lot of the same aspects in different orders, that is going to be the confusing part.

Lets just hope that my brain doesn't explode.


  1. Good luck with the opening and the show. You're busy!

  2. Have fun with the opening and good luck with the new/old show!


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