Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poor Puppy

Sorry I didn't do a sale of the week this week. Yesterday, I had no time in the morning as a trip to the vet was in order.

Monday night during our walk, Bess (the white chihuahua) started having what the vet calls reverse sneezes. It sounds like a wheezing gasping for breath thing. She had it when she was a puppy and the vet said not to worry, and they would only last about ten seconds and then she'd stop. Well this went on and on and on. So I picked her up and walked Gibbs (the brown puggle) back to the house, and was just about to call the emergency vet when Bess threw up and was then ok.

I knew I was going to be working at the Venetian all day Tuesday, so I woke up extra early to see if she was ok... She started again so I took her to the vet (I had to make sure she'd be ok if I left for 8 hours)... Turns out she's just fine, and might have developed allergies...everything is blooming over here right now.

She's just fine now and had a perfect walk last night...

So that's my excuse for not having a Take it off Tuesday Sale.


  1. I'm so glad she's okay - whew! :)

  2. Oh my, a dog with allergies -- I never thought there was such a thing! Glad she's OK!

  3. Yep, my beagle had reverse sneezing something fierce and she was just fine, so don't worry : )


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