Saturday, April 2, 2011

Money: Yay!...but I'm tired

With 3 inches away from finishing the sweater edging, I could do no more as I had to go and perform my magic at the Venetian, and then off to do the one woman show. Venetian went well, the show, not so much...

I understand wanting to cheer someone up by taking them to a comedy show, but maybe...just maybe...the day after someone's sister commits suicide, might just be a bit too soon. So half the audience came in depressed and stayed that way.... (I didn't know about the suicide part till after the show, but I did my best anyway).

Today it's 6 shows at the Venetian and then the one woman show at night...the longest work day of my week. I usually tell people that my 5 day work week is smashed into 3 days, but since so many performers are sick, insured or on maternity leave, I've been averaging about 4 or 5 days a week... New computer, here I come!

...oh wait... taxes here I come...

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  1. Gesh - sounds busy! Have fun and hopefully the government lets you keep some :P


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