Monday, January 30, 2012

New Item: Shamrock Headband

Shamrock Headband/Earwarmer
Yesterday I listed a new item.  Yes, I know we haven't had Valentine's day yet, but I had an idea in my head for St. Patrick's Day and I wanted to get started.

It's a headband/earwarmer with Shamrocks across the top.  I also have a shamrock doggie sweater, so if you're the sort that likes to match your dog (I'll admit it, I am), then you can have a matched set!

Next I'm working on a sleeveless sweater.  It's going to be empire wasted like the last one I did, but with a cool diagonal stitch.  I hope that it turns out.


  1. Oo. I like that it's also an earwarmer. When I used to live in the snow I always layered headbands and hats and earwarmers--so much easier with just one.

  2. I love this, it's very cute. I would totally wear one for this winter weather


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