Sunday, January 15, 2012

Running and Sick...

So today I had my long run, and I made it through my 2.1 mile course.  I went extra slow since I've been sick for the past couple of days, and last week I went to fast and couldn't make it past 1.9 miles.  I'd rather go slowly and not have to stop and walk, so that's how I took it today.

My pace was about 14 min/mile, which is super slow for me since I've been going about 12.8 - 13, but I made it through the whole thing, and got my heart rate up a bit. 

When I finished, I felt a bit nauseous, maybe doing too much too soon, but after about 5 minutes it passed.  Now I feel like I've drunk a couple glasses of wine, which is my favorite part about running... the tipsy feeling afterward. 

Now I'm drinking my water and recovering.  Wednesday will be sprints again.  

Since I don't weigh myself (It turns me into crazy person when I do), my goal is to fit into my old jeans and to make the wardrobe at work put in a new set of hooks for my costume.  When I started I was at the widest hook, now I'm at the second one.  


  1. I really need to get back into working out, haha!! Sounds like you are doing really good though (and amazing for being sick).


  2. Good for you! Running is too intense for me, can barely last a tenth of a mile haha, I just stick with my elliptical!


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