Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Review: Devil in the White City

For my book club this month we read "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson. It's a non-fiction book that reads more like a novel.  I learned so much from it, but it kept me interested, not like reading a textbook.  

It's all about the creating of the World's Fair in Chicago, while at the same time there's a serial killer on the loose.  I probably was more intrigued by the murderer parts rather than the fair parts, but it was fascinating how many things that we take for granted today, all came from the fair.  

Interesting history and drama, what more could you want?

Synopsis: Erik Larson—author of #1 bestseller In the Garden of Beasts—intertwines the true tale of the 1893 World's Fair and the cunning serial killer who used the fair to lure his victims to their death. Combining meticulous research with nail-biting storytelling, Erik Larson has crafted a narrative with all the wonder of newly discovered history and the thrills of the best fiction.


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  2. LOVED that book. I keep meaning to check out his new one, which I believe is about WW2.


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