Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Running Faster

So I know you aren't supposed to compare yourself to others, but when my friend posted on Facebook that he ran 3 miles in the time that I take to run 2, well, I thought I should try to step up my game a little.  I mean, not only are more calories burned, but what a time saver, especially since my goal is 4 miles.

So today I made a conscious effort to go faster.  Yes, it was harder, yes, I slowed down a bit from time to time (I didn't walk though), and I survived.  I burned 20 more calories than I normally do, and I was doing a 12.6 minute/mile pace.  Last week I was at a 13.

I know I want to increase my distance soon, but I think this week I'll be focusing on picking up my pace.


  1. Nothing like a little comparison/competition to keep you motivated!

  2. It's hard work doing anything on your own - so why not compare/compete with a friend. Happy running: I think you're barmy, but---everone to their own type of torture (oops, I mean, fitness regimen!) Hope you reach your target soon, but be careful not to open up the recent injuries in the process!


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