Monday, February 6, 2012

I Love Cleaning

... Well, I don't really, but I'm trying to psych myself up for a big house clean today.  Aside from day to day cleaning, I'm really trying to do a big clean once a month.  I was supposed to do it on the first, but life got in the way.

Every time I had a day off since the first, I planned to do it, then I had too many other pressing matters and it got pushed off again.  Of course I still have lots of other things that need to happen today, but I'm going to do the big clean first.  

I'm estimating an hour and a half for the upstairs, half an hour for the downstairs, and half an hour for the kitchen.  Yes, the kitchen is actually downstairs, but I think of it as an entity unto itself.  Two and a half hours... I can handle that...

I just need to keep repeating... "I love cleaning...I love cleaning..."


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