Monday, February 20, 2012

Dog Park Wrap Up

We actually had a tough time getting to the dog park yesterday.  The one that we usually go to was closed for renovations.  I had heard there was another one around, so I looked at my trusty phone map app, and sure enough there it was.

It was actually nicer than the place we usually go...

The dogs fared ok.  Bess (the chihuahua) was happy as a clam running around and marking things, but didn't really like it when other dogs came up to her. 

Gibbs (the puggle, chug, whatever) did a bit better.  At first he was frightened and hung right behind my heels.  Halfway through our visit, a Jack Rustle came in and immediately Gibbs ran up to him and they ran around and started playing.  He seemed so happy.

Eventually both dogs were tired out and came and sat at my feet, so home we went where we all had a good nap.

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  1. So glad the new park worked out - might be better than the "usual" one, because it could be there that the woofers got scared?

    I've been following you for a while - don't know if you've had a chance to visit mine - it's - where I post about the soft toys I make, mend and otherwise create and then try to sell on

    Hope you'll visit sometime: we look forward to welcoming you!


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