Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running & The Dog Park?

... Well, not at the same time...

I just finished my run for today, and still it's not getting any easier.  I really want to up my distance and get a little closer to my goal, but I don't think I'm ready yet.  A quarter of the way of my current route, I already feel like I'm going to die.  

We'll see... Wednesday is my next running day, so maybe I'll have the guts to go further by then.


Bess and Gibbs, the fur monsters
It's been a really long time since I took the dogs to the dog park, so I think I might do that today.  Bess, the chihuahua, really needs to go more often so she can get used to other dogs.  She doesn't attack them, but she gets really nervous when they come up to her.

Gibbs, the Puggle or Chug (or whatever he is), is a different story.  He's ok with other dogs, but people make him nervous and he tends to hide behind mommy (that's me).  

But the best thing about the dog park is they both come home exhausted, and the house is quite peaceful afterward.


  1. Cute pups! I hope they feel better around other dongs soon! That can be frustrating.

  2. Puggle or Chug sounds a bit abrupt, don't you think? How about a Heinz Hound - think that's more kindly! We don't have dog parks in the UK - exactly what are they? Sounds as though it could get decidedly frisky if all the canines are allowed to run about off chains or whatever.

    Hope, too, that they get to enjoy being more social soon.


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