Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday? Not yet...

So, Wednesday night, the boyfriend and I are sitting and watching TV, and he's browsing on his computer, when all of a sudden he yells, "I AM SUCH AN IDIOT!"

At first he wouldn't tell me why he said that, but after some prodding said, "You're birthday is August 4th, right?"

I said, "Yes..."

He says, "So what is March 24th?"

I said, "Um... Saturday?"

Well, last night, I got a whole lot of presents, for no apparent reason whatsoever... All of it in Happy Birthday wrapping paper.  

I guess he didn't want to wait a few more months.  I told him, that it's much better to be early than late, and now he's insisting that they're not birthday presents at all, just presents for nothing in particular.

...ha! I'll take them either way.


  1. That's funny. At least he remembered, just not on the right day.

    Stopping by from Etsy Blog Team

  2. I wish I got presents!! Even when it is my birthday I usually just buy something for myself, lol.

  3. He gets an A for effort...and you get extra presents :-)

  4. Thank You, nothing better then a smile first thing in the morning. Cute kitty too!


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