Sunday, March 18, 2012

Run with the Wind

Wow! I know runners talk about getting their second wind, but today was ridiculous.  Instead I was getting winded because of the very strong winds that were blowing.

I checked the temp and knew it was about 40 degrees, so I dressed accordingly.  The first part of the run was going fine, then, the wind kicked up.  It must have been at least 20 mph.  

When it was coming from the side, it wasn't too bad, just a little cold, but then I turned the corner and it was coming straight at me. I felt like one of those mimes you see, but this was for real.  I had to stop twice as I felt like I was pushing against a sumo wrestler and try as I might it seemed like I wasn't getting anywhere.

When I turned the corner again, alleluia, the buildings were blocking the gusts, and the sun was shining and all of a sudden it felt really easy.  I made up some time on the last stretch, but still my average pace was 13 minutes per mile. Last week without the wind I was at 12.6.  

Hopefully I built up some strength and next week it will be easier.

Just checked the weather site, my estimate wasn't too far off.  Wind was going at 23mph.


  1. I can't imagine running in 23 mph winds! Great job in continuing your run and not blowing away!

  2. 13 min mile! It takes me forever...without wind lol


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