Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ipad for Kitty

When I was in Oregon, I inherited my mom's iPad.  It's actually quite cool, and though I would never have bought it for myself, I find myself using it a lot.  Especially for reading.

Not my cat, but a cute picture.
The other night, though, I got more entertainment out of it than I ever thought I would.  I was sitting there reading and Alfred (the cat) was demanding attention.  Well, I knew there was an app for everything, so I looked up cat toy in the app store.

Sure enough, there was a free one, which I downloaded and put up on the screen.  It's just a little cartoon mouse, running around a room.  

Alfred was fascinated.  For 20 minutes he was transfixed by this little thing, and occasionally he'd put his paw on it which made the mouse run faster.  

Finally he tried to lick it, which didn't taste quite the way he was expecting it to, so he ran off.  But it was fun while it lasted.


  1. Must have been real fun to watch Alfred!

  2. How funny! Cats can entertain themselves in such unusual ways. How nice to get an Ipad. I think I'd find it useful too.

  3. That's too funny! I'll have to give that a try. Although, my cats sit right in front of the laptop's screen - blocking my view a little too much at times. I can see them begging for the mouse to show up just so they can play a game.

  4. I will have to get that app for my iPad! Sounds like fun for both owner and cat!


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