Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review: Come Tell Me How You Live

We all know who Agatha Christy is, but when you read "Come Tell Me How You Live", you really get to know her.  That is because this is non-fiction.  It's all about her going on archeological digs with her husband in the thirties.

It's well known that international travel can be difficult now-a-days, but it's fun not only to read how hard it was then, but also how she handled it.  You get a real feel for what kind of person she was, and to me she seems like someone with a sharp mind and a big heart.

Even for those that aren't a fan of non-fiction, this is quite an enjoyable book.


To the world she was Agatha Christie, author of numerous bestselling mysteries and whodunits, arguably the most popular writer in the English language. But in the 1930s she wore a different hat, traveling with her husband, renowned archaeologist Max Mallowan, as he investigated the buried ruins and ancient wonders of Syria and Iraq. Described by the author as a "meandering chronicle of life on an archaeological dig," Come, Tell Me How You Live is Dame Agatha Christie's first-person account of her time spent in this breathtaking corner of the globe where recorded human history began. It is a fascinating, eye-opening, vibrant, and vivid portrait of a place, a people, and a past, by a legendary writer whose extraordinary popularity endures to this day; an altogether remarkable narrative of everyday life in a world now long since vanished.


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