Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy Bee

Poncho style capelet, crochet in blue...super soft too!
I've been quite the busy bee at work. Yesterday I finished my Poncho Style Capelet. I actually made one for myself a few years back, and of the things I've made I've probably worn this the most (well, after the house feet get cold). I'm also really proud of how the picture turned out too!

In other news: It seems as if gigs are coming back to Las Vegas. The boyfriend had 3 this week. All of them on stilts, so the poor baby is really tired and I'm letting him sleep in today. I haven't gotten any calls as of yet, but one of my goals for today is to do a mailing...maybe those calls will start coming in again and I won't have to stress about money...*fingers crossed*

Friday's Favorites Submissions: Since Easter is on its way, I thought I'd do a Friday's Favorites section on pastel colors. If you have an item that's pastel (can be anything from jewelry to paintings to knitwear to whatever), post the link in the comments and tune in tomorrow to see the Friday's Favorites picks!


  1. Hi!
    this is my favorite springtime pastel, my Flutterby Earrings

    Thanks in advance if you'd like to use them! cya Friday!

  2. Hi, Love your things.... Here's my pastel

  3. cant wait to see more.any vests acomin?

  4. Would this be considered pastel?

    if not, how about this one.

    or this one

    P.S. I love your work!!!

  5. great photo - that's a super cute lil poncho!


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