Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Favorite Finds!

Today's favorites are going to be a little different. Since I was able to snag a treasury yesterday morning (while the boyfriend was waiting impatiently for me to get ready), I decided that the items in the treasury were definitely some of my favorites.

Click here to view the treasury...and give it a few clicks to help move it up on the list!

Then, out of nowhere, one of my doggie sweaters was put in someone elses treasury! So I'm going to add that one to the favorite finds too!

Click here to see lots of super cute doggies in their super cute outfits...WARNING: CUTE OVERLOAD!

Also, just to let you guys know, one of last weeks favorites was sold! Yay for Tootsytwo!!!


  1. sweet treasury!! love your blog too! come on over and visit me sometime:

  2. Beautiful treasury, but not as adorable as the doggie sweater!!

  3. Oh, Bess is so cute, I just want to scoop her up and put her in a purse. Great stuff.

  4. Very pretty treasury and I love your puppy in her sweater.


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