Thursday, April 9, 2009

Loving my toy!

I got my yarn ball winder in the mail yesterday. Such fun! I made at least four balls last night...three are yarns from a sweater I'm upcycling/recycling. Even the boyfriend had a blast. For those of you yarn people out there, I highly recomend getting one...even if you don't really need it, it's still hours of entertainment.

In other news:
Sorry, this might be a little ranty, but I am sick of getting blamed for other people having bad magic shows. It seems people go and see a magic show and if it's bad, they come to me and rant about it. If they'd only asked, I would have told them good ones to see...the problem is that there is a lot of really bad magic out there, and people who see one bad magic show get so scarred that they never want to see another one again. And then they come to me (I've gotten yelled at a couple of times) telling me how horrible it was...Like I didn't already know!

For those of you coming to Vegas, the best magic shows (in no particular order) are: Mac King, Lance Burton, and Penn & Teller...Sometimes more good ones will crop up along the way. I'm not saying that all the others are bad, but these are the most highly recommended.

Shameless Plug:

You can look tres chic in this beret...and with free shipping, it's quite the steal! Maybe you're not an off white type of gal? You can order them in other colors too!

Go ahead, buy one and make all your friends jealous.

Remember to tune in tomorrow for "Friday's Favorite Etsy Finds!"


  1. OOh I want a ball winder! It's funny I've actually heard a lot about taking old sweaters and recycling the yarn but I never actually thought about doing it. Sounds like a cheap way to get some yarn!

  2. I think that applies to all careers. I have been yelled at many times for the teaching of other teachers. I'm not in there, what do they want me to do?!


  3. Nice beret - I like that you offer it in other colors too :)


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