Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Favorites and River Run!

I had a great time at the River Run yesterday. We road down, and I was probably the only motorcycle passenger listening to NPR podcasts along the way.

Have you ever heard of the expression "having a bee in one's bonnet"?...well that happened to me. A bee flew up inside my helmet and scared me so bad. I was waving frantically at the boyfriend to pull over and he thought I was having some sort of seizure!

I must say, these motorcycle things are a great place to people watch. You have such a wide variety of people going there...everyone from truely normal looking families, to grandmas in leather with tatoos! I was loving every minute of it.

Now on to the Favorites!

For this weeks favorites it was all about recycling...not only in honor of Earth Day, but also due to my yarn recycling obsession of the moment. Some of these were submissions, and some I found while perusing etsy...enjoy!


  1. love these favorites! the fly especially!

  2. Your riverrun sounds like it was fun. Except for the bee in your helmet. I can't believe you didn't get stung.

  3. It is cool that you and your boyfriend do things like that together. It would great to see a photo.

  4. nice favorites!
    bike trips must be so fun.


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