Monday, April 27, 2009

Out to Sea...

Well, out to the lake really...

The boyfriend and I are going out for a two day trip on Lake see, his boat is named "The First of May" and so he thought that it would be fun to take a trip on that day. Because of our schedules, we will actually be sailing back to Vegas on the First, but it will still be lots of fun.

There are lots of coves and stuff that we haven't seen because it takes a whole day to get there by sailboat...even with the motor, our top speed is about 5 knots (don't ask me what that is in mph, all I know is it ain't fast).

We're leaving Wednesday night, but cell phone service is suprisingly good on the lake, so I'll still have access to email and stuff.

This lovely green headband could be your's, all you have to do is give it a click!

New item:

I finally got my newest headband up and listed. I really like how it turned out, and I think the picture is so much better than my last headband picture that now I think I need to retake the blue one.

I'll be working on the bolero jacket today and if I don't finish it by the time we leave, I'll take it on the boat with me!

Other news:

Some of you regulars may have noticed something new at the top of my blog...yes, it's an email subscription. Save yourself time scrolling through posts and get this blog directly to your email. I know for me it can be difficult keeping up with all the blogs I follow, this is so much easier!


  1. Ooh - I love the new headband! The color is just gorgeous. :)

  2. Cute headband! Hope you have fun on your planned trip :) I bet you are looking forward to it. Remember to bring wine & food to celebrate :) and take lots of pictures.

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous! Although, with all the rain we're getting today I just may need a boat!


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