Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Item and Stylish Potties!

This light blue poncho style capelet is made with recycled yarn.  Click here for a better view!
I finished the Upcycled Light Blue Poncho Style Capelet! I really like how it came out with the yarn. It's soft and fuzzy and there's a hint of sparkle because of the silver metalic threads that are run through the yarn. I love wearing these when I need to stay a bit warm but am wearing something nice. It adds to an outfit rather than a coat which just looks like you're cold (which you are, but people don't necessarily need to know that).

If you have to go on a least go in style.
In other news:
The boyfriend redid the toilet that goes on the boat. It had a manual pump which broke, so he put in an electric one. Then he took the Betty Boop Toilet seat that I had bought for my house but that didn't fit on any of the toilets...Then he decided to practice his airbrush flaming technique, and put flames along the bottom.

It's definitely the most unique boat toilet ever! It makes me giggle every time I look at it.


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