Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Sale!

I haven't posted a sale in quite a while, so I figured that I should make this a big one. Buy anything in the store, and take 50% off another item of equal or lesser value!

**All you have to do is send me a convo with what you'd like to buy and I'll reduce the listing for you!**

Yes, that's me standing really really still as a living statue at the Venetian.

In other news:
Yesterday, because I was short of money and the Venetian was short of people, I resurected my role as a living statue. It had been at least 6 months since I did it (I used to do it every week), so I was really nervous about how weak I might be and how sore I might be the next day.

Well, everything was fine. It was quite busy so I got to move a bit for pictures (which really helps the muscles) and I did give a couple of people a bit of a scare (which means I'm being so still that they think I'm really a statue until I wink at them.)

I might do it again on Tuesday which will be good since I traded the rest of the weeks days to go sailing (yes I live in the middle of the desert and yet I can sail all the way to Arizona!)...I'm so glad they let us trade shifts, so I can go and have fun and not lose any money.


  1. Oh wow that's so cool never actually known anyone that acted as statue!

  2. Wow, so, you are one of the living statues at the Venetian. Have not been there in 5 years. I wonder if that was you when we did go. How can you stay so statue like. It's amazing. Love your blog. I am going to follow it. So glad you enjoyed my pics of my shade garden.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  3. That is too funny! I love those statues, and can only imagine how difficult it is to get into makeup and stay looking so good all day!

  4. VERY cool!! I can't imagine staying still for that long. I'd go insane! lol Good for you. :)



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