Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cat Saga part 2

Betty and Bess...always at war.
Betty, the cat, was great at going to the vet. She never tries to run when I carry her out to the car...she is so scared that she plasters herself against me and hides her head.

In the car, she didn't even hiss at passing cars like she usually does.

We got to the vet and they checked her out, did xrays and bloodwork and everything.

The good news: They can cure her! Yay!!!!

The bad news: She has severe pnemonia in her right lung. She had to stay overnight so she could do nebulizer treatments yesterday, this morning and later on today.

The not-so-bad news: I thought it would be more...I was preparing myself to here something like $1000!...When I heard $450, I was quite relieved.

I'll be picking her up this afternoon along with pills and nose drops...I am so not going to be her favorite person this week...she looks at medicine as some sort of torture that humans inflict upon her, there's no way to explain to her that this is going to make her feel much better.

Soon she will be able to resume her favorite pastime (pictured above)...torturing the dog. Don't worry, when I adopted her she was declawed so her torturing techniques always seem to fail, much to her chagrin.


  1. That picture gets really funny once you know the cat has been de-clawed. Haha! "Pet the pretty dog."

  2. I love that picture! It's a perfect illustration of cat vs. dog.

  3. While the cat is away the dog will play huh? Good to know your cat will be well!

  4. I hope Betty feels better and is back to her normal self soon.

  5. Glad to hear it is good news for Betty!

  6. Wow
    Sick or not sick you Kitty Has a heck of 1 ,2 it looks like it is lights out for the pups :)


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