Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feeling good...until...

I am finally up to date on all of my bills...hooray!

Of course no sooner had I hit the dreaded send button, my microwave decided that it was retiring. There is a small (very small) chance that it could have come unplugged, but I have to have the boyfriend check it out because I'm too short to look up there...maybe if I'm lucky, it's the outlet...less than $1 at Lowes and those are easy to install...fingers crossed.
Bess, my little chihuahua, just loves sailing

In Other News:

I'm spending the night on the boyfriend's boat with him and Bess (the dog), so there's a very good chance that there won't be a blog post tomorrow...Don't worry, tune in on Friday for this week's "Friday's Favorites"! 2 items fom last week's favorites are now sold! Hooray for kishcrafts and cuteability!

In Submission News:

In honor of my kitchen trama, this week I'm looking for housewares. Post your the link to your housewares in the comments and you could be featured on Friday! I'll be scanning the forums too!


  1. Have fun. Sorry about the microwave.

  2. If the micro has retired try posting on freecycle. It is free to post, all items that are offered are free and you might get what your looking for. Check it out.
    As for spending the night on the boat, I can only say your brave!

    Have a great thursday.


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