Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a Show!

What I wish the stage hand had
I often wonder why people go to a show when they're really not in the mood to be entertained. Especially my show... I mean, I'm not some famous star where you buy tickets months in advance and you go no matter how you are feeling that day. Most people choose that day that they want to see my show.

Through 75% of the show, I swear the audience was glaring at me, as if to say, "Get on with it!"

Now, I could understand if I hadn't done the show for very long... then I wouldn't know if the jokes were funny and how most audiences react. But I've done "My Secret Diaries" for months and months, and I know that the jokes work, and most people think it's funny.

Not last night. They were not in the mood to see a show, so I had an hour to kill (a very long hour), on stage, in front of people with their arms crossed glaring at me.

I really hope that tonight is much better... *sigh*


  1. That must have been very frustrating. I hope the next one goes better!

  2. Oh no. Sorry to hear you had a bad show. My boyfriend is a musician and I know he gets really frustrated if the sound isn't right or no one dances or claps. It's like, what am I doing here? Better luck next time!


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