Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cell Phone Hunt

Well, I told you guys in a previous post that my boyfriend had lost his cell phone on his road trip. I had been following him on Latitude, so I knew the last place that it had sent a signal. We figured that it was on the side of the road somewhere, as it had probably fallen out of his saddlebag on his motorcycle. So, we decided to go on a treasure hunt.

It was quite aways away, but I was promised dinner at Cracker Barrel for a reward, so.... ROAD TRIP.

On our way there, we saw a deer crossing sign, and just then a deer jumped out and ... BAM... it was hit by a car coming in the opposite direction. It was quite a hard hit, and the deer really flew. I started crying as I had never seen an animal killed like that.

We turned around to see if the people needed help.

As no one had cell phone service, we drove closer to the main highway to call for help for them.

Then we drove back to tell them help was on the way, and stayed with them until highway patrol came.

By the time we got to the area where the phone might be, it was dark. So we used flash lights to search the area. Now you have to understand that the boyfriend's cell phone case looks like a black tire...and what kind of crap do you find on the side of the road? Little pieces of black tire.

So it was like, "Oooh! There it is!" ... "Nevermind"

Finally I got back in the car to follow him while he looked....for the next 5 miles.

On the way we found another car with its hazard lights on. We asked if she was alright, and she told us the tow truck was on the way, but she had hit a deer. We told her to holler if she needed us, and continued to look.

A few miles later, we found another dead deer in the road...

In the end, we couldn't find the cell phone and finally gave up.

It was definitely not a good day to be a deer that night.


  1. oh man that's crazy! I'm glad those people weren't hurt--we get awful accidents around here all the time from people trying to swerve out of the way of the deer.

  2. Deer are so dangerous! There are so many of them where we live. I'm glad everyone was ok. Sorry you never found the phone.


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