Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fun!

Well, first off, the boyfriend and I never have a day off together. Usually his one day off is Saturday, and I always work then, however, he got the fourth off, and I'm always off on Mondays, so we got to spend it together!

We ran a few of my errands (I know, fun, fun, fun), and then we went out to the lake to pay his boat rent.

It was so hot, and the lake looked so inviting, I said we should take the boat to Hoover Dam and back. In a motor boat that would take only 10 minutes each way, but in our sailboat it's about 45 minutes each direction. We bought some water and headed out.

The motor took quite a bit to get started (yeah, even sailboats have motors, but they don't go as fast as an actual motor boat). The poor boyfriend was soaking wet with sweat pulling and pulling on the cord, but finally we got it started.

Of course once we pulled the boat out, there was not a breath of wind, so we simply motored there and back. Still a relaxing journey, and once you get into the canyon, it's about 10 degrees cooler which is such a relief. I even sat on the bow and dangled my toes in the water.

I wanted to anchor and go for a swim, but neither of us had anything resembling swim suits, and the lake was so busy (it being the fourth) that we would have really needed them if we swam.

A fun day! And then a special dinner of KFC (I hadn't eaten there in years), which tasted so good even though I swear their mashed potatoes and gravy have crack in them as I am still craving more this morning.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! When my kids were little, we would get a KFC bucket and go watch fireworks! It became "a tradition"!
    Thanks for stopping by and meeting Mr. Lizard!

  2. Sounds like a great day! I haven't had KFC in years myself and I do remember those potatoes. And those beans....Yum!


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