Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kitty Toilet Training 2

For those that don't know, I'm training my kitty cat to use a human toilet. You can follow along by checking out the tag "cat" on the left column of the screen.

So far I've moved the litter box into the bathroom and raised it about the height of a phone book...well, exactly the height of a phone book. I used extra newspapers to fill in the gaps so the box wouldn't wobble. Alfred (the cat) is totally cool with this, and I think I'm going to raise it again on Monday.

I could move things along a little faster, as Alfred is very smart and catches on quickly, but I don't want to move things too fast as it might piss him off (pun intended) and he might find other places in the house to go that are more to his liking.

Faux Wrap Sweater, on sale now!
In other news:

I designed and created a new sweater! I call it a Faux Wrap Sweater, as the top half is like your favorite comfy sweater, but the bottom half is a wrap to accent the smallness of your waist. You can have that slimming look, and stay comfortable too!


  1. I like the toilet training idea for the cat. I wonder if this will work with my 11 year old cat?

  2. Okay, I am definitely going to be following these posts, lol. I would LOVE to toilet train my cats. Litter boxes just get gross no matter how clean you try and keep them. Good luck!! =)

  3. toilet training your cat?! I love it! I don't think mine would go for it though... maybe she would, but our bigger problem is getting her to stop peeing on rugs and furniture. *sigh*

    Just stopping by from the blogging buddies etsy team :)


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