Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crunchy Neck

Wednesday night, I must have slept on my neck wrong, and since then, my neck has been hurting and crunchy.  Even though the muscles hurt a lot, I think it's a nerve thing as the muscle that hurts doesn't necessarily feel better when you massage it.

Of course it's on my right side, which happens to be my favorite side as it usually does most of the things that I need accomplished during the day.  My left side is fine, but forgets that its supposed to help out so my right still ends up doing most of the work.

I think I'd rather have a cold instead.  I mean, with a cold, you're just as uncomfortable, but you have something to show for it like stuff dripping out your nose and watery eyes.  Then you can lie on the couch all day with a box of tissues and watch horrible daytime television.

With a crick in your neck, you look perfectly healthy, and feel so too (well, except for your neck), so you actually want to go out and do things, until you try and go ouch...then you just look like a stupid wimp.

Hopefully, it will show some improvement by tomorrow, since tomorrow is my running day.  I'd feel guiltier about skipping the run, than skipping the sit-up and push-ups that I'm probably going to forego today.


  1. Ouch, know just how you feel! I wake up every morning with that sort of a pain, but then, guess I'm a few years ahead of you, and it's called arthritis!

    Find if I exercise the shoulders, neck and upper back it does get easier, and then I round it off with a hot shower!

    If it still persists, I rub an gel which is called Feldene Gel here in the UK (the generic name is Piroxicam). Works a treat, doesn't smell (like Wintergreen) and the pain does eas.

    Hope you soon feel better.!

  2. Owee! Hope you feel better soon.
    It gives a whole new dimension to the phrase, "a pain in the neck."


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