Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ack! It's building up!!!

The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is soooo me right now

New items, that is...I've finished the socks, I'm almost finished with a new doggie sweater, and I have no time to photograph them...when I get home it's dark and the lighting won't be good.

My first show tomorrow isn't until 3, so I should have time by then...right? It is so amazing to me that even when there is a bunch of time how it just slips right through your fingers.

Keep your fingers crossed that by tomorrow I'll have some new stuff to show you.

I'm never too busy to go to the post office though...there's one always open in Vegas


  1. Good luck with your show! n_n

  2. Good luck with getting the photos one before the show! Time has a habit of not waiting.



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