Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They're Hot!!!

Hot Pink and Black House Socks that is.

Yes, I photographed and posted my Hot Pink and Black House Socks. I think these are my best one's yet...and I'm also realizing, that the one's I made for myself a couple years ago are wearing thin, and I might have to break down and make myself another pair.

The Scarf is also finished, but hasn't been listed'll probably see it up there either late tonight or tomorrow.

Right now I'm making a beanie for the boyfriend...and then...I'm not actually sure what's going to be next on the list.

In other news, I found my book that I left at the Venetian. The title was Triple by Ken Follet. I'm really getting into it now. Someone suggested yesterday that it might be called "Pillars of the Earth" (you see I could only remember the author of the book I lost)...I have actually read this book and it's quite a page turner, and very different from most of his other novels.

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  1. the stitch you used on the leg part of the sock is amazing. very pretty.


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