Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Stuff!!!

Christmas Coasters
Brown knit beanie
So, my Brown Leaf Beanie is finished, photo'd and uploaded. I really like how it came out, though at some point I want to make another one in a lighter color so that the pattern really shines through.

I also finished some Christmas Flower Coasters. I really wanted to make these with the Christmas Crochet thread because I love how the colors pool around the doily.

I've already started on the socks...The cuff is going to be a different style than the Chrismas ones, but so far I love how they're coming out.

Now I'm off to help the boyfriend move the boat into his new slip. (It's not as sexy as it sounds) And then I have a special event at Lladro (a store at the Venetian) for their customer appreciation day. Customers get wine, snacks and entertainment while they browse...and yes, I'm the entertainment...I could be the wine...I'm very good at

Friday Favorites is back tomorrow...I think I've found some cool things :)

I can't think of anything clever this morning, but click here anyway


  1. Hi there -
    I have enjoyed reading your blog via the etsy forums tonight and I tried to figure out how to follow you... [for me, all computer related tasks work best if I see a place to click, then click on it and it does everything else I had in mind] but the 'click' didn't seem to work - so, I gave up that tactic and am leaving you this comment instead :)
    by the way - your dog is utterly adorable in the sweater picture...

  2. Those christmas flower coasters are really nice. n_n

  3. LOL about the boat comment!

    I love your little Christmas sweet!

    Smiles, Karen


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