Sunday, December 14, 2008

New stuff!

Hot Pink Dog Sweater, the perfect accessory for any cutie!
I actually listed this right around the time that I listed the new socks but haven't gotten around to posting it's a Hot Pink Doggie Sweater. I was in a chat room and everyone said that hot pink would be a great color for a glamorous girlie dog like Bess. But then again, she looks cute in everything...I'm a doggie mom though, so I'm a bit biased.

In other news, I have a show today at Krave and I need to stop by the Venetian to pick up the Crocheting that I left there...I can't believe I did that again...well, actually, I can believe it...I'm constantly forgetting things like that.

While I was at work I finished another pair of socks (same colors as the doggie sweater), all I need to do now is pick them up and photograph them...although I'm slightly tempted to keep them for myself.

Click here to see what hasn't been left in the Venetian Dressing Room

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