Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am Traumatized (and can't spell)

Awww...what a cute duckling
So I'm working on a new magic trick...well, not new exactly, but new to me. I needed to get a duck egg and needed to blow it (insert sexual joke here). Sounds simple, right? Well, not so much.

There's a Filipino Store near my house that sells duck eggs...Score!...I went in and bought some. They come in packs of 18 and they were quite expensive, but such is the price of the art we call magic.

I was so excited to get started. Got set up in the living room with all the acoutrements (did I mention I can't spell?). The boyfriend was busy with rope for his there we were...I began the process.

It started off normal at first...well, normal for anyone who's blown a chicken egg before (insert another sexual joke here). Then, red stuff started coming out...and then more stuff...gross stuff...I thought, oops! Maybe one of these got fertilized by mistake.

So I tried another, with the same result...and I swear part of a beak came out of that hole. The boyfriend said to crack it open and see...silly me...I did...He screemed like a little girl, I glanced and joined in with my own screams. I looked away and couldn't speak...yes, there was baby unborn duck inside.

He kindly got rid of the bowl and got me a glass of wine...a couple of glasses later, I was able to deal with the situation...I called the store, and apparently it's a Filipino delicacy to eat duck eggs like that.

Now I don't have a problem with people eating that...but I would have prefered a little warning.

One of the other performers at the Venetian is from the Filipines and is kindly going to take the eggs off my hands today.


  1. Now I'm traumatized. Can't tell you how much I'm wishing I hadn't read this...

  2. hehehhe ~ i've heard of this delicacy before (and seen video of people eating them... *shudder*) ... as soon as you said you went to a little store and they were expensive, i knew. lol i hope you aren't scarred for life!


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