Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, before we get to Einstein (you'll see him in the video below), I just finished a new pair of Fingerless Gloves. I was going to photograph them this morning, but one look at my nails told me that I might want to make those look pretty first. I haven't had a lot of close-up magic gigs lately, so I've been kind of lax on my manicure schedule.

In other news, my boyfriend (the clown) has started to move his stuff in...yay! He has more tools than I have yarn and I've given him free reign to do what he wants with the garage. I know that's daring, but he has really good taste so I know it will look good. He also builds the most wonderful things, and I keep telling him to open up a shop on etsy...I don't think he's going to though...oh well, more cool stuff for me!

And now for a funny video I found online featuring Einstein the Parrot!

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  1. LOVE the bird!!! Fabulous video! :D

    Congrats on the boyfriend moving in!


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