Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dad...Day 2

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So we're at Day 2 of my father being in town. I'm running out of things to do with him here...he hates gambling, casinos, showgirls, tackiness and neon...And yet he insists on coming out to Vegas when I could just as easily visit him in Virginia...sigh.

I think today we're going out to Lake Mead. The boyfriend is working so we can't go on the boat, but it's a nice long drive and very pretty too, so that will eat up a lot of time...

Tonight we're going to see Penn & Teller...I need to double check on the tickets though.

And only a few rows of knitting got done...

On the upside, though, I did get a custom order...maybe I can talk dad into going to the knit store with me.

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