Thursday, January 1, 2009

We made it!

I know, a mom is biased...but isn't she cute?
Yes 2009 is finally here!

This is just a quick check in because I spent all of New Year's Eve moving heavy boxes from my boyfriends apartment into my house...I'm tired...whew!

Please come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

I don't have a specific theme yet, so if you have a favorite item in your shop, please post the link in the comments, and maybe you'll be featured!

Too tired to do much today? Then spend your time here! All you have to do is lift a finger!

And as for the picture today...just a gratuitous picture of my cute little baby.

Just added Project Wonderful Ads...see the right side of your screen to bid on them!


  1. Cute pig, fun blog. Great idea I will post one of my favorites.

    A wonderful Blue Sunset Necklace.
    or anything else you would like to feature. I have over 200 listings. Best wishes to you in 2009.

  2. happy new years! what books will you be reading in the new year?

  3. Happy New Year!
    I'm loving this hat of mine
    Duck egg blue with scarlet red is a really odd combo but it works :)

  4. I have lots of fun things on my blog you could use for your Friday Favorites. As far as product, I have 2 Etsy shops to choose from!! You'll find the links on my blog!


  5. What a cutie! He needs a tshirt -


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