Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Favorites

This week, for Friday's Favorites, I decided to go back to the followers of my blog who are and endless wealth of talent. I found some amazing jewelry and some beautiful bath stuff (what lady doesn't like a long hot bath), and the cutest little doll!

As I was going through my favorites, I noticed that 7 items I favorited were sold! In this economy I truely get a warm fuzzy feeling when something sells...whether it's from my shop or someone elses.

Don't forget to check out some of the sponsors shops and blogs...there's some amazing talent there too!

Insert your own humorous comment to get you to click on my shop right here


  1. You picked some very nice favorites! I especially like all the earrings!

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous!

  3. what a great promotion idea! LOVE it!

  4. hi! I want to hear more about your magicianship. :) That'd be fun!

  5. Great picks! That IS the cutest doll!

  6. tangled thank you SO much for featuring my Gaia earrings in your friday's favorites! :o)

    siempre - dorana


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