Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Today's "Saturday is Special" feature is this. Buy any item in the store and receive 25% off any other purchaces of equal or lesser value. Simply type in the buyer comments "Saturday is Special" and you will receive your refund via paypal. Now's your chance to get that scarf and matching hat you've wanted, or maybe house socks that match your doggie's sweater!

In other news, my pseudo vacation from the Venetian has been going great! It's really nice not to have to be anywhere in the morning. The other show I'm in has been going ok. The "good" microphone has been broken so I've had to use Amazing Johnathan's which doesn't fit on my face very well and I have to tape it to my cheek so it will stay. I have to use a headset mike since I need both of my hands to make the magic happen and a mike stand just gets in the way. I'm really thinking of buying my own personal one when I have the money...believe me, the show is 100 times better when I'm not constantly worried that a microphone is going to fall off my face.

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