Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bag Lady

She's done! I finished The Bag Lady at work yesterday. I'm really proud of how she turned out, but I think I'm going to have to retake some of the pictures...they're a little darker than I'd like them.

Finally a place to put all of those plastic grocery bags! Finally a place to put all those plastic grocery bags!

Do you stuff them in a drawer? Do you cram them behind a refrigerater? Or do you, (gasp!) throw them away?

Now you can store them in the bag lady. Her skirt is made to hold plastic bags until you need them.

She measures 15 inches from head to bottom of her skirt, and has a loop above her head for easy hanging. Her head and torso are already stuffed with plastic bags to help hold her shape, but the skirt is all yours!

In other news:
I have my bookclub meeting tonight. The general consensus is that none of us were particularly crazy about the book, but tonight we'll be picking next month's and hopefully it will be a lot better.


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