Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hanging by the Ceiling and Sunday Funday

Last night I had a gig where I had to sit in a swing hanging by the ceiling of a ballroom for 4 hours dressed as a scary clown. Hey, it's a living. I had a bag of candy with me to throw down to the kids.

First let me say that four hours in a swing is reeeeeeally uncomfortable. My butt hurt so bad and my legs were going numb by the end...though it still hurt less than the motorcycle trip I took to give you some perspective.

At first it was really boring as people don't look up, even when candy fell down and accidentally hit them on the shoulder...amazingly, they just kept walking. The music was loud, so even my, "HELLO!" was drowned out. After a while the kids noticed, and then it was like feeding fish in a pond. Throwing out candy and watching them all zoom toward it made me laugh...I was kind of like a human pinata...but without the stick and the beating.

I'm still a little sore today, but I'll live...and as an added bonus, I'm a little less scared of heights than I was at the beginning of the party!

Sunday Funday Video of the Week !

Do dogs dream? I guess this one was, not only dreaming of running, but actually sleep running...too cute!


  1. that is too funny! thanks for the laugh.

  2. i would have LOVED to see a picture of you as "scary swing clown" but I can picture it!! :)


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