Saturday, December 4, 2010

Between the Shows

When I'm performing at the Venetian, we do 6 shows a day (which is a lot for a performer), but sometimes that's not as interesting as what we do in between shows.

Right now, one of the opera singers is pregnant, and a bunch of us crochet, so we're all taking turns teaching her. While at the same time, one of the other singers who crochets wants to learn how to knit, so I'm helping her make a scarf. She's doing well, but every time she has to stop to do a show, I have to tell her when she gets back whether she's on a knit or purl row.

At the same time, one of the Russian stilt walkers is trying to study for his citizenship test. The English used in these tests uses very complicated words, so he's not only having to memorize American history, but also words like "accomplish" instead of simple ones like "do".

It does make for an interesting time... Off to work now...

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  1. You are great and talented. I can imaging me doing those things you did. :)


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