Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Presents

Christmas was a mixture of both good and frustrating. Frustrating because I had to work Christmas Eve day, Christmas Eve night, and all of Christmas day. The boyfriend had them off, and I felt bad that he was sitting at home alone.

On the 23rd, we waited until midnight so that it was officially Christmas eve, and we opened our presents since that was the only time we'd have to do it... Otherwise it would have been today...right now, in fact.

The boyfriend gave me the most awesome coffee maker I have ever owned. You pour the beans in until it's full. Then all you have to do is pour the water in and tell it how many cups you're making. It measures and grinds the beans according to the strength you have set it at, and makes the perfect cup of coffee. The pot is like a heavy duty thermos, so it keeps it hot without the no more burnt taste as you get to the bottom of the pot. I almost cried when I first tasted it, it was that good.

There were lots of little things we gave each other too: inside joke stuff to make each other laugh or cry. All in all, a very happy Christmas Eve Eve.

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