Thursday, December 9, 2010

Re-shooting pics, Plus Submissions!

Upcycled Blue Sparkle Shawl
I was going to show you guys the newest doggie sweater that I made, but it sold shortly after listing... that's never happened before...yay!

Yesterday, I also reshot my Upcycled Blue Sparkle Shawl. It hadn't been getting as many views as I thought it deserved, and I think this time I was able to show more of the blue and the shimmer. I really hate retaking pictures, but sometimes the payoff in the end is worth it.


Every Friday, I put together an etsy mini of some of my favorite items made by other sellers and post it on my blog for the "Friday's Favorites". This week, in honor of my newly photographed shawl, I'm looking for CROCHET ITEMS. If you have a favorite crochet item in your shop, post the link here, and check back tomorrow for the "Friday's Favorites"!


  1. Yeah, I hate re-taking pictures too! I'm in the process of doing the same thing in my shop too!...I guess my favorite thing in my shop, jewelry-wise, is this crochet necklace. I put a lot of work into it, making the beaded necklace myself also.

  2. It is nice showing off something you love to do. :)


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