Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Sock Ideas 2

Well, I finished one of the lion socks, and then promptly ran out of yarn while making the second. You would think that knitting as long as I have, I would be a better judge of how much yarn is needed for a project, but apparently, that is a skill that I am lacking.

Instead, I started working on a new Faux Wrap Sweater that I recently sold. I knew that I didn't have enough yarn for that one, but I figured I'd go to the yarn store and get enough to finish both in one shot. It is so much easier making something for the second time, as there is less guess work and less unraveling to achieve the look you want, as I've already done it once.

In Treasury News:

This week's treasury: High Quality, Low Sales II currently has 177 views, 42 comments, 52 clicks and 15 admirers! If you haven't had a look at these new etsy sellers, do so now, before they get hot and raise their prices!


  1. Your sweater is beautiful -- lucky the person who snapped it up!!

  2. I love the faux wrap sweater! Looks like it was made with a super soft boucle yarn - I bet the person who bought it loves it!

  3. I like the vibe from that sweater--looks cozy


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