Tuesday, November 18, 2008

At Sea...

Yesterday, not much work got done. My dog, Bess, and I went sailing with my boyfriend on his boat. (you may remember her as the model for the Santa Doggie Sweater) It was her first time out on a boat, and she was so well behaved and loved it so much...I of course have to post some gratuitously cute photos of the event.

She was nervous at first but got her sea paws rather quickly.

There wasn't any wind, so we were motoring rather than sailing, but we "sailed" all the way to Hoover Dam (sorry, no pics of that because Bess was cuter than the dam to photograph) and then found a little cove and bbq'd hot dogs and relaxed for a while.

On the way home, sunset was so beautiful. The reflection of the sky in the water turned everything purple...It was so surreal that I was half expecting My Little Ponies to start frolicking accross the water.

Now it's back to work...I'm performing at the Venetian today and in between shows will be furiously working on the second fingerless glove. I'm hoping to have a new project soon!

Don't forget, Christmas is creeping up on us and Bess needs to finance her sailing expeditions!


  1. work, who needs work when you can go sailing?!

    "its a fine day for sailing"-Go Sailor

  2. aww doggie so cute! I love your pictures all of you guys look happy and chilling fine. That sounds great... sailing and bbqing with hotdogs.. MMmmm..


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