Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday is Special

I see so many wonderful sales going on at etsy, I thought I should do a Saturday special! Saturday used to be special to me because it was my day, not so much...but I do have Monday off now so I can spend some quality time with Benny on the Boat...

But I digress...

Todays special is...first four sales of anything in the shop gets a free zipper coin purse! I usually sell them for $12, so I think it's not so bad a deal!

Click here to take advantage of Special Saturday

I also took some new pictures of some of my scarves last night...I think they look better than the original ones...I love these scarves and I'm really trying to capture their beauty with photography...alas, I am a knitter not a clicker, so there's definitely going to be a learning curve.

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