Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Voting Day!

Yesterday was an odd day, and it didn't go quite how I pictured it...I did get one of my projects almost completed, and then it was off to Lowes for a new ceiling fan and then the fish store for some fish (for the tank, not dinner).

The celing fan took longer that expected to install, in fact I did most of it myself...I hope Benny doesn't feel like less of a man...and now my back is quite sore today.

In other news, something really strange is happening at my shop. I got over 1,000 views yesterday out of nowhere! No sales from those views, mind you, but when I saw that, I nearly fell out of my chair...

The only things I did differently was had it rated on stumbleupon and joined a livejournal community, and I'm not sure that all those hits came from there...*shrugs*

Also, in today's photo, that's what the new housesocks will look like when they're done, only they'll be in red and green...these ones I made to match one of my sweaters.

Stop on by and beat the Christmas rush!

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