Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chores? What Chores?

Well, today I was supposed to be working at the Comedy Festival at Caesar's palace, but now I'm not. I was kind of bugged about losing the money, but I didn't really want to do it in the first place...It's not as glamorous as it sounds...I did it last year. But now what to do with the time?

Chores? Probably, but I don't have high hopes that anything will get done.

I do need to send promo dvd's off today as well as some balls of yarn that I'm donating to one of my etsyknitters team members for her senior center. Apparently their knitting classes lost their funding, so a lot of people are sending her some supplies that they can spare.

Due to the running out of yarn fiasco, I should probably go and buy some more while they still have it, but I started on a new berret, and now I want to finish that...and there are a million other projects I want to get started on, all the time, the house work is staring me in the face...taunting me...daring me to get started.

What I'd rather be doing instead of chores


  1. You must be my clone! Here I am at the computer while the sun is out but I can't see through the windows and the floors are having a dust bunny convention at my feet. Then there are the dishes, the laundry, the...!

  2. i am also browsing the blogs in lieu of doing my chores, i am sitting in the middle of my bedroom staring at piles of clothes and every five minutes I pick up my computer... awful, at this rate I will be in here all day and night! Great blog!

  3. Clever link to your shop!

    You MADE me click. (And laugh)


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