Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Favorites

Before we get to the favorites, I have two bits of news...

First off, every Thursday, my friends and I get together for a home poker tournament. Yes I know I live in Las Vegas, and can go to a casino at anytime, but most of the time I find it a lot nicer to kick back with friends, deal out the cards and let the taunting begin. Well, last night I came in second. Woot! Woot! I do feel bad taking money from other starving artists...well...only a little...besides, they've done the same to me on one or two occasions.

Second off, I got another sale! Yay! My "Shades of Salmon Entrelac Scarf" sold last night...I think I kind of freaked out my dog by doing a happy fairness to her though, it probably looked like an epilectic fit.

Now on to the favorites! This week I went through my etsyknitters team and at first looked for Thanksgiving items (it's almost time for turkey you know) and since there weren't too many, expanded my search to fall!

Embrace the fall because the winter will soon be upon us!

Now that you've whetted your appetite with these appetizers, click here for the main course!

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